Dot Haynes

Dot Haynes

Perennial Explorer of humanity, history and places


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Dot Haynes

Perennial explorer of humanity, history and places.

If you want something done, contact Dot Haynes. Dot is all about doing things that will benefit others and especially if it helps to make a difference for the greater good of all people. She is passionate about building community spirit and doing what she can to bring people together irrespective of their backgrounds and differences.
As a new mother she intentionally moved to Doncaster. She has been a Doncaster resident for almost 30 years. Dot has done much to break down barriers between people. This has included working hard for over fifteen years to see the development of a strong Manningham Interfaith Network Inc.
Dot could rightly be called "the community watchdog" as she endeavours to make sure that Manningham Council is open and honest in all its dealings; financially responsible in its use of community resources; and works hard to keep the community a safe and secure place in which to live. "Less grime = Less crime", this has been proven around the world.
She lives her belief of, spend less than you have, and look after all of what you have. Which she knows isn't easy. Being raised by a great single father, she was the youngest of Ten children and learned from a very young girl that what you do has consequences. Dot began working young and though some may say her childhood was difficult she saw it as an opportunity to step up. At the age of twenty Dot purchased her first home.
Dot has an extensive successful business background since the early 80's and also had a great Aussie Restaurant for two years while she lived in the USA. During her difficult marriage she pretended to be happy and once she was able to get out from that she has excelled in her personal wellbeing and enjoys working with the Community that she has fought hard to stay in.
In her own time Dot likes to cook and to enjoy food from all over the world. She listens to a wide range of music. Love going to the movies. Her passions include exploring places on country drives, spending time in our great Aussie bush.
Dot Haynes believes that possibilities are endless when she stays focused, doesn't quit and is willing to get others involved in helping make a difference.
Dot is easy get in touch with and prefers conversations to ensure that misunderstandings are minimalized. Phone 0425 718 937 all days.